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Crowns Me With Love, Your River Runs (Spontaneous Song), Here For You

Dawn Okpisz

New prophetic song from the Lord at the December 6 Breakthrough, "Your River Runs to Me," during which I had a vision of the Lord rush in like a track or cross country runner, His river actually started to run like a person with legs, not like we typically envision water running. As I sang it out, the Lord started to breathe the words about what the intensity of this running was like in physical ways. The new song starts around 3:15 minutes, in the middle of the song "Crowns Me With Love." As you listen, envision Him RUNNING *TO* YOU!!!

Crowns Me With Love - Dawn Okpisz
Out of Zion's Hill (Days of Elijah) - Robin Mark
Your River Runs To Me (Spontaneous Song) - Dawn Okpisz
Here For You - J.Reeves, M.Maher, M.Redman, & T.Wanstal