Faith Lutheran Church, Geneva, IL IN THE RIVER AND FULL OF LIFE
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Pictures of life at Faith
April 29, 2018 Koromfe New Testament Celebration with the Ladishes
CLICK HERE To see pictures from April 20, 2018 Koromfe New Testament Celebration with Chris and Sue Ladish, as well as listen to the Sunday Morning Worship Service including a special message from missionary, Chris Ladish!

Valentines Day 2020
ladies from Faith Lutheran enjoying a "Besties Tea" at the Little Traveler on Valentines Day, 2020.
Left front around to right.  
Patty Winter, Kathy Ragsdale, Kay Fick, Diane Olson, Carolyn Kimble, Jane Rakow, and Anne Allen.

Faith's Sanctuary

Easter 2015 Slideshow!
CLICK HERE to see the Easter 2015 Slideshow!

Estate Sale Antiques - click NEXT at the bottom for MORE PHOTOS

2014 Christmas Caroling!!!

2014 Youth Mission Trip
CLICK HERE to see pictures from the August, 2014 Youth Mission Trip to Camp Restore in New Orleans, as well as pictures of Coffee Fellowship Sharing Time on Sunday, September 14, 2014

Easter 2014

Youth Chili Cook Off 2014
Youth Chili Cookoff 2014!

The night before...

The Categories: Best Heat, Best Overall,
& Reminds Me of Grandma's Cooking!

First-time chef award!

The Double Award-Winner
And Chili Cook Off Coordinator!

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts Seminar

New Member Sunday January 5, 2014

New Member Sunday March 16, 2014

Missions Fellowship Sundays

Youth Summer Trip to Walcamp!

Dare 2 Share 2013!

Easter 2013
CLICK HERE to see Easter 2013

Healing Conference October 2012
CLICK HERE to see Healing Conference with Paul Teske October 2012

Worship Conference April 2012
CLICK HERE to see Worship Conference with Garry Mulgrew April 2012

Women's Retreat 2011
CLICK HERE to see Women's Retreat October 2011 with Erin Dern

Pastor Steve and Dawn Okpisz

General photos of members

Day of Fun
July 26, 2009 Faith Lutheran sponsored a "Day of Fun" - it cost a penny to attend and families could have lunch, play games, get prayer, enjoy worship and go home with several bags of groceries.  Thrivent sponsored the event allowing more groceries to be purchased.

Christmas Party 2009
The first annual Christmas Party was held December 19, 2009.  There was a dinner, games, crafts, a program starring our youth and children, and a gift for every child.  Families with special needs received Christmas presents for the children and gifts for the home.  Thrivent funds were used to add to what the church collected.

Christmas Party 2010
December 18, 2010 was the second annual Christmas Party at Faith Lutheran.  The focus was to bring families together to enjoy time, food and entertainment.  There was a gift bag for each child, craft projects and a play with our youth and children.  For special families, there were gifts and food to take home for the holidays.